DCDR Update – mid-February 2018

Opportunity overload continues to be the biggest threat to DCDR right now: I keep finding myself being seduced by thoughts of what the app could do, rather than what the core feature set should be. Luckily, I am getting good advice from Matt and from the several thousands of hours of podcasts and interviews I have consumed. As usual, the problem isn’t getting the right advice.  Following the advice, however, is always more difficult.  I am finding Paul Graham’s advice particularly useful and his ‘Startups in 13 Sentences‘ essay has become my roadmap.
Development-wise, things are going well. The basic app with the core methodology installed is running and security / permissions are looking good. (I have never been so excited not to see something before.)   Assessment upload and reporting / editing functionality are being wrapped up ready for final testing.
All of this is just in time for the pilot program which kicks off in early March and the first few users are signed up.
For the pilot program, the emphasis has been on building a functioning application, not just a demo or framework.  It seems slightly disingenuous to trial something that doesn’t really work plus, without real people using a real product, we aren’t going to get useable feedback. So instead of an MVP this will be a MFP (mainly functional product) which, even though it might not look very pretty, will still produce usable results.
Alongside the main project, I’ve built and launched a few small tools to act as proof of concept / test cases. These work as stand-alone tools but will eventually become part of the standards and methodology library that users can access in the main app. Please take a look and tell me what you think.
So the rubber is about to meet the road with the pilot program. Safe to say, I’m more than a little nervous…!

The pilot program is open for registration so if you are interested in participating or would like to arrange a demo,  please send an email.


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