And theme for 2019 is…

It was the highpoint of a recent meeting with a large firm’s corporate security team.  While we were showing them around DCDR, the CSO leaned over to a colleague and said

I love the simplicity“.

Cue smiles from our side….

Our intent was always to make the best piece of risk management software possible and a key part of that was to keep things simple. However, as time goes on, it’s easy to lose sight of the original concept, to add ‘just one more feature’ and eventually end up with a Frankenstein’s monster which looks nothing like your original idea (and that everybody hates).

So hearing “I love the simplicity” was music to my ears.

Confirmation that we were still heading in the right direction. But also a reminder of where our focus needs to be in 2019. So there’s a growing list of things to cut, shrink and hide to make DCDR cleaner and easier to use for users. KISS, KISS, KISS…. 

But more simple doesn’t mean less powerful.

Just the opposite.  While the front-end is being streamlined, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes to make the platform more powerful, more intuitive and even more simple to use.  We can’t wait to share these with you.

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There are also going to be some changes to the blog and newsletter to focus on more bite-sized, actionable content. Part of this is an updated set of mini-courses based on the old Risk Management Basics Course.  Look out for these to begin in late January.

So our theme for 2019 is simplicity and brevity.

And to get started on the right foot, all that’s left to say is Happy Hogmanay* and best wishes for the New Year.

Have an awesome 2019 – we plan to!


* Bagpipes and torch-bearing vikings optional but highly encouraged!

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