Risk mitigation is out of beta

After the core elements of the risk and incident modules themselves, adding risk mitigation this was the most requested feature people asked for.

We rolled this out as a beta feature in December and I’m pleased to say that testing, tweaking and tinkering is over so this feature is ready to go for all TEAM and PRO users.

Screen Shot mitigation out of beta 2019-01-24

You can now add mitigation for individual risks, allocate an owner and add a due date, all within the app. Any active ‘to-dos’ you have will show up in the ‘My Open Actions’ panel in your  dashboard.

Plus we’ve added alerts so you will get a quick reminder by email when an action is allocated to you or updated.

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 9.43.29 AM

This tightens the process from risk identification —> mitigation —> actions —> close out and keeps everything in one place. This should make mitigation allocation and tracking much faster leaving you more time for the actual to-dos themselves!

By the way, you will also see a slight change to the menu when you log in next.  All the elements of the ‘risk’ and ‘incident’ modules are now grouped together which seems to be a better fit for how most people are using the app.

What’s the next feature you want to see?  Add your suggestions or ideas to the comments below.

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