November is risk management training month

I clearly bit off more than I could chew last week which meant that when I prepared the training survey, I didn’t structure it very well.

What does that mean?

It means that people could vote for all of the options! That’s totally my fault for not designing the survey to limit the choices.

But instead of getting a clear winner or preference for what training to conduct next, the results indicated that people want, ummm,  everything!?!

So what to do?

Give the people what they want, of course.
So I’ll be running three courses in November.

Easy, right?
Each will last four or five days starting with a general webinar to set the scene and provide a top-level view of things. The webinars will be free and open to anyone.

Then, we’ll dive into the weeds for the rest of the week, really getting into the details of whatever we’re working on.

For example, in the Risk Assessment Masterclass, we’d be troubleshooting your risk assessment, finding ways to improve it or to overcome roadblocks.

Or we’ll build a risk management plan specifically for your organization during the Risk Management System Workshop.

These will be extremely detailed sessions and will only be open to enrolled students.

Here’s the outline schedule.

– November 2- 6- risk assessment masterclass
– November 9-13 – risk management system build workshop
– November 16-20 – the risk manager’s foundation

Sessions will start around 09:00EST / 14:00 GMT and run for around 90 minutes so mark your calendars.

I’ll be sharing more details with you on each of these courses soon via my newsletter which you can sign up for here.

This is also how you’re going to get details of some special offers so take a minute to sign up – it’s well worth it.

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