Get your risk governance system running like clockwork

There’s a lot in risk management where success is achieved by breaking something very large and complex (say, a risk assessment of a whole organization) into bite-sized pieces and risk governance is no different. I’ve written about risk governance in more detail here but I’m aware that the schedule of activities can become a bit overwhelming.

So I spent a bit of time in my calendar and Asana, a project management app, the other day, looking at how to set this up once and then let automation do its thing. I estimate this will take about 30 minutes to get things set up. Then all you need to do is follow the schedule, saving you lots of time scheduling individual meetings and, best of all, avoid things getting out of sequence and gumming up your risk governance structure.

As a health warning, the video is in almost realtime so, depending upon how comfortable you are with the tools, you might want to skip ahead or play on 2x. However, if this is new, to you I hope that there’s enough here to walk you through the whole process.

Happy automating!

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