“This will never work. Here’s Why CrisisDojo Will Fail”*

*Is what people tell me, but here’s why they’re wrong

“This will never work.”

“People won’t trust something so important to an automated process.”

“You can’t develop high-quality, professional materials like this without extensive consultation.”

“It can’t be done.”

These are the things you hear when you make something that’s only been available via expensive professional consultation into an on-demand service.

Except these comments aren’t just about CrisisDojo.

This is also what the founders of a small start-up heard back in 2001 when they launched their online legal services firm. 

LegalZoom’s Page in 2001, from the Internet Archive

If you’re not in the US, you might not recognize the name, but if you do, you’ll know that LegalZoom is now a household name, trusted by millions, with a market cap of ~$1.7 billion.

Obviously, in their case, it did work.

People were willing to use an automated service for more straightforward legal work, particularly when they couldn’t afford hours and hours of legal fees or were short of time.

They could develop high-quality materials without hours of consultation.

It could be done.

And I want to do the same for crisis readiness with CrisisDojo. 

I don’t know if there’s a billion-dollar valuation out there. But I do know there are a lot of organizations that need to prepare for crises and don’t have the time or money they need to use a traditional consultancy. (And frankly, they might not even need that level of customization.)

But now they’ve got CrisisDojo to get them on the road to crisis readiness.

So even though plenty of folks have said it can’t be done, I’m not inclined to believe them.

Particularly when I woke up this morning to an email from the first user who simply said it was ‘amazing’.

Want to try the demo? Click below.

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