Fall 2020 Training

It’s fall which means it’s time for sweeping leaves, pumpkin-spiced everything and lots of soup.

But it’s also a great time for some end-of-year training.

I have a few things in mind but I’d like to know what’s going to help you most.

  • Are you planning to build a new risk management system or formalize your existing processes?
  • Maybe you want step-by-step support as you work through your risk assessment.
  • Perhaps you want to get to know the role of the risk manager better.
  • Do you want help building contingency plans?

If one of these sounds like it’s what you’re looking for, please complete the form below and let me know. You can also let me know if there’s something else you’d like to dig into.

But don’t delay: I’ll be making a decision on October 19th and the training will start on November 4th.

Just before you respond, there are three important notes:

  • This will be paid training. I will keep the prices reasonable but the sessions won;t be free.
  • This will be live, in-person training. The course may be recorded and available on-demand at a later date but for now, we’re doing it live.
  • You’ll be expected to have completed that prerequisite course first. (E.G. if we’re conducting risk assessment mentoring, the processes would be based on the Risk Assessment Toolkit Course. If you haven’t completed this, the mentoring won’t make sense.)
  • If there’s not sufficient interest, then the training might not take place. (So if you know of anyone else who’s looking for training, please share this.)

I hope these conditions make sense. I know I will get a lot of complaints that the training isn’t free but there’s plenty of free stuff on this site plus my Risk Management Basics Course will always be free.

Thanks for your feedback – I’m looking forward to seeing what we can build together.

Also, if you can think of someone else who might be interested, please share this with them. That helps me reach – and hopefully help – as many people as possible.