I’m Andrew Sheves and I’ve been a risk manager for over two decades. I’ve worked all around the world for some of the world’s biggest firms but also for small businesses, schools, and NGOs. (My full bio is here.)

I’m simplifying risk management to make it something that everyone can understand and access. Part of this mission involves building tools and software to help risk managers be efficient, effective and successful.

These include:

DCDR risk management software

dcdr.io a simple, powerful risk assessment and governance tool (pronounced ‘decider’)

CrisisDojo.AI which cuts the time needed to get crisis-ready from weeks to hours (and drops the price significantly too).

Clever bot name pending

I’m currently building an AI-chatbot to answer questions on risk, crisis and consulting using my books and blog as a training library.

I share my ideas via..

My blog on risk and crisis

My books on risk and consulting

My newsletter on whatever takes my fancy* is here

My courses are on Udemy here

*Just kidding: it’s mostly about risk and crisis too

You can contact me on andrew[at]andrewsheves[dot]com or contact my support team here

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Sorry, there is no support team, just these guys and they are very unreliable, trust me…