Get started as a risk manager


If you’re starting out as a risk manager, this page is for you!

I’m taking all the lessons I’ve learned over almost 20 years of being a risk, security and crisis manager and I’m putting them into one place. This as the resource I wish I’d had when I first started and I hope that it helps you as you progress as a risk manager. So whether you’re just starting as a risk manager, have suddenly inherited responsibility to risk in your organization, or are simply curious about the role, the resources here should get you off to a great start.

You’re looking for risk management software

Good software solves a lot of issues but bad software creates more problems than it solves. Unfortunately, most risk management software out there is:

– Too slow

– Too complicated

– Too expensive

DCDR was built to solve these problems and to put effective, simple and affordable risk management software into everybody’s hands. Get the software your team needs for less than your morning coffee.

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Risk management basics

learn about Risk Management Basics here

Welcome! I’m thrilled that you choses to start your risk management journey here.

We all start somewhere and risk management is no different. Whether you are a newly-appointed risk manager, have just been brought onto a risk management project or been appointed to a governance and oversight role, I hope that the resources below will help you get make sense of things and started as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for resources specific to the role of the risk manager, this page is a good place to start.

The resources below are split into two categories: basic and deep-dives. Pick which version is most appropriate based on your experience and background. If you aren’t sure, start with the basic version even if it’s just to get an idea of the language and approach that I use throughout the site.

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