Crisis Roadmap Design – ASIS 2022

A Roadmap for the Design and Implementation of Pre-Crisis Training and Procedures

On September 12th, Patricia Coureas CPP and Andrew Sheves presented “A Roadmap for the Design and Implementation of Pre-Crisis Training and Procedures” at the Global Security Exchange Conference.

They shared their views on why development and preparedness before crisis is essential and provided a detailed plan of how to build a roadmap to readiness, tailored to your organization.

This essential session ensured that your organization is truly ready for crisis. If you missed it, you can download the session material below.

Download the workbook

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Download the presentation
Watch the presentation (Andrew’s half only)

Meet the Presenters

Patricia has a global background in high-risk, complex domestic and international environments with both Government and private-sector experience. Patricia applies enterprise-wide solutions by identifying, assessing and prioritizing existing risks and potential threats.  

Patricia’s commitment to building meaningful Public/Private Partnerships serves as the foundation of her endeavors as a trainer and trusted advisor to individuals and organizations. Every organization should have effective crisis management plans in place to help learn what works and what doesn’t so it can address future threats more quickly and effectively. She consistently provides innovative solutions that address risk by asking the ‘right’ questions and influencing long-term resiliency by training individuals in De-escalation and Workplace Violence mitigation strategies.

In April 2022, Patricia earned the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credential and participates actively as a creator and mediator of ASIS Webinars and as a mentor to others transitioning from the public to private sector.    

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Andrew Sheves is an experienced and innovative risk and crisis manager helping individuals and organizations understand their risks, make better decisions, and navigate crises. He is VP of Operations at Kith, a boutique crisis management firm. Previously, he worked at Control Risks and Regester Larkin By Deloitte. 

Sheves has an MSc in Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Management and is the author of Beyond The Spreadsheet and The Consultant’s Handbook. He also built the risk assessment software platform and courses for risk managers at every level. His work can be found at

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