Sometimes, we can’t see the woods for the trees and need perspective.

Or there might be some technical knowledge or a specific skill you need.

Perhaps you’re struggling to work out what your next step should be.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed and need some extra capacity.

That could happen to any of us at any time, but if you’ve been a risk manager, you’ll have definitely hit one of these hurdles.

That’s maybe when you’d think about calling a consultant or bringing on a contractor. But these kinds of arrangements can take weeks to set up and mean an expensive engagement or a long-term commitment.

That’s time you don’t have and maybe not the kind of commitment you want to make. Plus, you might not have the budget to commit to long-term, expensive support.

But what if you could get the help you need without any strings or long-term commitments?

And you could get it right now?

And any costs were clear and upfront.

What if you could simply book a call and get the help you need within hours?

That’s what I’ve put together for people like you: people who want and need help and support right now.

That might be a single call or a series of discussions over a few weeks. But you’re not making a long-term commitment, and you don’t have to wait to get unstuck.

And it doesn’t cost anything to get started.

How it works

1 – You book a free consultation call

2 – We discuss your issue.

3 – If I can solve it there and then we’re done

4 – If not, then we’ll plan the next steps

  • There might be a roadmap you can work through yourself.
  • I might recommend you speak to someone else.
  • There could be a tool I have to help you out.
  • I might even recommend hiring a contractor or contacting one of the big consultancies – these are still options (just not all the time).

5 – Whatever the outcome, you’ll get a summary of the call with some recommendations to consider.

So if you’re stuck and need a little support, make a booking below and let’s chat.

Book your free consultation


“How often do things get solved in a single call?”

Crazy thought it might sound, a half hour call can add a lot of clarity to things. We might identify the issue that’s blocking your risk assessment, decide on the next steps using a roadmap or discuss how to have a better conversation about risk.

Not every problem can be solved in a half hour but you’d be surprised what a quick discussion can achieve.

“How do you keep costs and time down?”

First, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of different risk management problems. (You can see my bio here.) That experience helps me solve your problems quickly and not waste time getting lost in dead ends.

Second, I use tools and software. A lot. These are the tools I’ve built for my work as a consultant but, instead of embedding me in your organization to do all the work, (the long, expensive way) we collaborate. I give you the tools and guidance you need and then we work together to get the work done.

Here’s an example:

You want to work out the risk tolerance for your organization. That requires time with senior leaders and stakeholders, discussing the organizations, its operations and what are and aren’t comfortable with.

Normally, you’d use a consultant for that but then you’re paying for them to learn about the organization and conduct the interviews and meetings before they start developing the risk tolerance framework.

With my approach, we split the load: you’ll gather some information (much of which you already know because you’re from the organization) and feed it into a framework I give you. I’ll then analyze things and develop a draft framework for us to review. Once I have your feedback, you get the finalized statement you can then use in the organization.

“If I work with you won’t it just be like using a consultant?”

No. My aim is to give you what you need to succeed as quickly as possible. I don’t want to draw work out as long as possible so any work is based on delivery of a product or outcome, not an amount of time.

“What about confidentiality if we don’t have a contract?”

There’s a confidentiality clause in the terms and conditions, even if it’s a free call. (Links to the Tarjuman LLC site).

“What if I don’t know what my issue is exactly?”

Don’t worry – that’s why we have an initial call. It might even be that what you think is the issue, isn’t what’s really holding you back.

Book your call and let’s work it out.