Everything below is sourced from the best available sources or has been found to work in previous cases of potential global pandemics but I’m not a doctor nor an infectious disease specialist so this isn’t medical advice.

Always check and follow the advice given by your health authorities.

A simple guide for steps to take in your organization

Contingency planning resources

A crisis management plan (CMP) is going to be your top-level document for managing anything of this scale: it’s the OS for your response. Here’s a guide for how to build one.

Here are ten quick tips for effective crisis management.

Want to see how your existing plan measures up to the BS11200 crisis management standard? Use this simple diagnostic tool here. (Redirects to the site.)

Two interviews worth listening to:

Andy Curel is a business continuity management expert and he takes us through his big take-aways here.

Price Floyd shares his decades of crisis management experience in government and the private sector here.

Avoid these common problems to make sure your plan is actionable. (Includes a link to the plan health-check worksheet.)

If you want support building your plan or just need someone to conduct a review, use the form below to get in touch.

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