Go ‘Beyond the Spreadsheet’

The only guide you need to ensure your next risk assessment is a success

Beyond the Spreadsheet is a comprehensive guide to assessing and understanding your risks so your organization can succeed. This is the only risk assessment toolkit you need.

Follow Bobbie as she tackles her first risk assessment and overcomes the difficulties she encounters on the way.

(If you’re wondering who Bobbie is you can meet her here.)

Learn how to plan, execute, and deliver an effective risk assessment and then use the detailed guides for your own project. Beyond the Spreadsheet also contains all the tools and templates you need along with discussions of other issues to consider, such as:

  • The challenges your risk assessment faces before you even start
  • Why a KISS approach is best
  • How to calculate risk when you don’t have metrics
  • Why workshops are the best (and worst) way to deliver the results

Based on decades of experience helping teams and organizations identify and tackle their risks, Beyond the Spreadsheet is the guide you need to understand your risks and achieve success.

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