Risk and Security Managers are Positive about AI

Risk and Security Managers Positive on AI

Last week, I had a great session with ASIS at the AI for Risk and Security Managers webinar. As part of the session, I outlined the three questions organizations should ask themselves concerning AI and how it affects their business.

* How could AI give us an advantage?

* How could AI challenge our business?

* How could AI threaten or kill our business?

(Read the full article here to give you the context of the questions and some additional considerations.)

We polled the audience as follows and got some very encouraging results.

Using these three criteria, how do you think AI will most affect your organization? It is most likely to:

* Offer us an advantage – 63.1 %

* Challenge us – 35.4 %

* Threatens us – 1.5 %

With over 100 attendees, this was a decent representation, and it’s interesting – and promising – that so few see AI as a threat.

(The full session is available on-demand here.)

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