The Consultant’s Handbook – a Book Project

Coming on October 1st

The Consultant’s Handbook is complete! The draft is off for final tweaking and polishing before publication n on October 1st.

If you’re just starting out as a consultant, or just making the transition from an in-house role to flying solo, The Consutant’s Handbook has everything you need.

Now available for pre-order on Amazon*


Part I – Consulting Skills

1 – Problems and Solutions

2 – What is Understanding?

3 – Understanding I: The Document Review

4 – Understanding II – Interviews

5 – Developing an Effective Solution

6 – Presenting your Solution

7 – Generating Support and Buy-In

Part II – Running your Firm

8 – Rates and Pricing

9 – Getting Work

10 – Writing proposals

11 – Project Management for Consultants

12 – Setting up your Business

Now available for pre-order on Amazon*

I’m really interested in hearing what people think about the book as it goes so comments will be turned on for the draft pages and I look forward to hearing what you think.

Two short caveats:

1 – After 20+ years, I know my way around consultancy but I don’t know my way around your specific client and their challenges. Therefore, even though I’m writing this guide to help consultants like you solve problems, I’m not responsible for what you get up to with this information.

2 – The sections of The Consultant’s Handbook you see in these pages is a work in progress so it may be incomplete. If you are looking for something urgently, please try other resources on the site. The Projects page is a good place to start..

4 thoughts on “The Consultant’s Handbook – a Book Project

  1. A good start to the book, I look forward to reading each chapter as you you complete them.
    An area that I think is crucial to consultants is where do they source and win consulting engagements.
    Without an engagement, a consultant is not practicing his skills.

  2. Part 1 is by it’s self a very useful read for potential consultants and practicing consultants. Part 2 will no doubt be a continuation of the theme with supporting annexes. I look forward to the next release.

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