A Data-Driven Approach to Risk Management – The Risk Metrics Project Background & Overview

Establishing a set of metrics we can use for risk management and decision-making is a big topic I've been working on for a long time - over 20 years at this point. It's a challenging problem and one that has seen off better people than me but I think that a simple model will help speed up, simplify and remove the subjectivity from risk assessments. In turn, that will help improve the speed and quality of our decision-making. Here's an outline of the project

Risk Assessments Grading and Metrics

risk assessment grading

When we are conducting a risk assessment, we need a way to assess, grade and order risks to allow us to use this information for decision-making and to prioritize our actions. This article outlines some basic techniques that can be used for risk assessment grading and matrics.  These basic examples lay the foundation for more complex sets of metrics … Continue reading Risk Assessments Grading and Metrics